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PLEASE be careful!
September 14th, 2001 Posted in Schubin Chronicles by sfelix | Print This Post Print This Post

A horrible crime was committed on Tuesday morning.

Those who committed it are criminals. They are murderers. They are terrorists.

Those of them who remain alive should be brought to justice. Anything that can be done to prevent such atrocities in the future should be done.


Whatever ethnic group or groups those criminals/murderers/terrorists belong to, THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THAT (OR THOSE) ETHNIC GROUPS.

Whatever religion or religions those criminals/murderers/terrorists may have practiced, THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THAT (OR THOSE) RELIGIONS.

Whatever countries those criminals/murderers/terrorists may have come from, THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF THOSE COUNTRIES.

PLEASE do not direct your anger at the crime at any ethnic groups, religions, or citizens of countries.

Since the crime on Tuesday morning, there have been more crimes committed. Places of worship have been firebombed. Innocent people have been beaten. Homes have been vandalized.


Thank you.

TTFN, Mark

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